Dagmara Grabowska

Dagmara Grabowska specializes in financial services law, civil law, banking law, personal data protection law and debt collection. She conducts bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. She is highly experienced in providing legal services for businesses and banks. Dagmara speaks fluent English.

She started her professional career in 1992, while working for a law firm which specialized mainly in debt collection.聽 From 1992 to 2005 she had been gaining experience and working for some large banks as a specialist, expert and legal counsel dealing with the matters concerning the banking law, financial market transactions, payment services, loan servicing including mortgages and non-performing loans, debt collection and personal data protection.聽

Since 2003, Dagmara worked as a legal counsel and provided day-to-day legal services in the field of corporate and economic law for financial market operators, national banks, branches of foreign banks, leasing companies, credit and insurance intermediaries and investment firms.

She also occupied herself with providing legal services electronically and dealt with cases involving payment services, personal data protection (GDPR), loans and debt collection, including the cases of mass-scale receivables. She provided transaction services such as preparing and issuing opinions on documents and collaterals for liabilities. Dagmara is an experienced specialist in the matters of legal procedure.

Since 2005, she operated under the name Kancelaria Radc贸w Prawnych Privitera&Grabowska.
Since 2011 she has conducted her business activity under the name Kancelaria Adwokat贸w i Radc贸w Prawnych Szatraj, Grabowska i Copija.